Web Server

If you want a local webpage (or website), it is easy to create something simple with TiddlyWiki. Of course, if you have any webpage or website in html, that will suffice.

Perhaps a page of your favourite links, to ensure you can access the same bookmarks from any networked computer?

Anyway, the HTTP server is easy to enable. However, there is some groundwork to ensure it works smoothly.

  • The default http port for the webserver is 80, but this is also the default port for the FreeNAS WebGUI. I would recommend changing the WebGUI port to something else (e.g. 8080), or using https for the WebGUI. These settings are in System -> General. Remember the WebGUI will now be (substitute your server IP for
  • You need to create a directory for the website. I recommend /mnt/ShareName/www - this can be done from Advanced -> File Manager. Remember to change permissions on this directory to allow read and write access to all users (if you want to allow uploads directly to the www directory).

Then: Go to Services -> Webserver

Select Enable from near the top-right.

Click to the right of Document Root and browse to /mnt/name_of_HD/www

Click Save and Restart.

Now, surfing to (substitute your server IP for will take you to your webpage (provided you have uploaded an index.html page to /mnt/name_of_HD/www)

NB: ShareName is the name of the Mount Point for the HD you assigned in Drives.

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