Torrent Server

Leaving your computer on 24/7 wastes valuable energy. However, with a headless FreeNAS server, that energy waste can be minimised. Thankfully, FreeNAS comes with Transmission (and its WebGUI) pre-installed. For those of us who have peak and off-peak broadband times, it is possible to schedule torrent pausing and restarting with Cron.

To enable Transmission: Go tp Services -> BitTorrent

Tick Enable near the top right.

Browse to your chosen download directory by clicking the to the right of Download directory. For simplicity, /mnt/name_of_HD can be used.

Set a Password; the default username cannot be changed from admin from within the WebGUI.

Click Save and Restart at the bottom.

The link to the Transmission WebGUI is given near the bottom by URL; it is fairly self-explanatory how to use it if you have used any torrent software before. Just enter the username admin and the password you set here to enter the application.

If you need to add scheduling, see the Cron entry.

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