Set Lan Ip Address

You need to know what your LAN subnet is for this.

The default FreeNAS IP is

If you do not know your router's or own computers IP address, it will be easier to use the DHCP option initially, and then set the static IP from the WebGUI. If so, this step can be skipped.

Most home routers have a default IP address of or, although others are seen.

If you have the former, you need to change the FreeNAS IP to; if the latter, the default will work fine (i.e. no need to edit anything here).

If you need to change the IP:

From the initial Console Setup menu, press 2 to enter the IP setup page.

Choose not to use DHCP (i.e. press n).

Enter the IP you want: e.g.

Enter the LAN subnet bit count: 24

Enter the default gateway: your router IP e.g.

Time for a quick reboot now.

NB: For the sake of simplicity, I will illustrate future examples and settings changes with the default FreeNAS IP of (just substitute your own).

Ref: Novell Developer

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