RSync Client

It is important to complete the synchronisation process on the RSync client at regular intervals to ensure your backups are up-to-date. If necessary, it is possible to schedule this process on the client PC.

If you have a Windows PC:

Install DeltaCopy

To synchronise backup:

Run the DeltaCopy Client, and point it to your FreeNAS server IP (default
For Virtual Directory enter FreeNAS_rsync_server_module_name (case sensitive - as entered in the Server Module setting on FreeNAS)

If you have a Linux PC:

It is necessary to install rsync on your PC; unfortunately, that is outside the remit of this wiki.

Once installed, to activate a backup manually, you need to issue an rsync command from your PC (referred to as the client in RSync).

To synchronise backup:

To copy from FreeNAS to PC

rsync -av /path_to_your_local/dir/

To copy from PC to FreeNAS:

rsync -av /path_to_your_local/dir/

Substitue -av with -avz to add file compression during transfer.

Ref: Daily Cup of Tech Delta Copy

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