First Boot

The first time you plug the FreeNAS LiveUSB into the server PC and turn it on, make sure:

  • The server PC can boot from USB (you may need to enter the BIOS settings page to enable this)
  • The keyboard and monitor are connected (if you are unable to connect a monitor, see the DHCP page.

You will see a lot of text flash by the screen.

The first menu offers boot options:
Just allow the timer to count down, or press Enter to select the default.

After a further minute or two, the Console Setup screen appears:

"Console setup"
1) Assign Interface
2) Set LAN IP address
3) Reset WebGUI password
4) Reset to factory defaults
5) Ping host
6) Shell
7) Reboot system
8) Shutdown system
9) Install/Upgrade to hard drive/flash device, etc.

It is only important to Assign Interface and Set LAN IP address from this page, although many home routers will work with the defaults (and hence need no keyboard or monitor use at all). If your router setup page (IP) is, you can move directly to the login page.

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