If you prefer to change the FreeNAS IP from the Web GUI, you can auto-assign an IP address from your router using DHCP first.

To do this, press the following keys in this order:

  • Press 2 (which is the Assign IP address option)
  • Press Enter (selects the option chosen above)
  • Press Enter (selects Yes when asked whether you want to use DHCP)
  • Press Enter (selects No to assigning ipv6 settings)

Why do this? This can be done with just a keyboard, and no monitor. Additionally, if you are uncertain what static IP should be assigned, the newly acquired IP will be displayed on screen if you connect a monitor (giving you a suggested IP to use as the static IP).

If you have done this without a monitor, it is easy enough to guess the FreeNAS DHCP IP address. If your own PC has an IP of, it is likely that FreeNAS will be in the range to (depending on how many other computers you have at home. Essentially, you should just try changing the last number within a range of 5 above and below your own computer's IP in a browser (like Firefox), until you reach the setup page. If you have more than 5 computers connected to your network at home, just increase the range of IPs you check. You can try these IP address out by entering them in the url bar of any web browser on any networked PC (as advised in login page).

You can then change the IP to a static IP from within the WebGUI from any network connected PC (using a monitor).

Ref: Daily Cup of Tech

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